Law firm’s rally keeps the fundraising rolling for local charities

Cars, costumes and challenges came together in a rally taking staff from Harrison Clark Rickerbys across the country and into Europe in their quest to raise money for local charities, bringing fundraising to more than £50,000 over the last three months.

The 2019 Gumball Rally, which saw 19 teams taking part from across the firm, took them across the country, performing challenges which ranged from a group ‘flossing’ performance and creating a human pyramid to taking a picture of the white cliffs of Dover along the way.

They then went over to France and Belgium, ending up in Antwerp on Saturday evening. Each team had a theme for both their car and their costumes – from Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine to Mario Kart, Toy Story, the Flintstones and pirates; the teams travelled in costume throughout.

The rally followed managing partner Rod Thomas’ Berlin Marathon run; staff also tackled the Three Peaks Challenge in June.

The Foundation has raised and distributed close to £250,000 to charities since it was set up – they range from Sight Concern to junior football clubs, from the Me2 Club (which supports children with additional needs) to a homeless hostel.

Rich Wilkey said: “The rally was great fun – a lot of work went into its organisation, but staff really entered into the spirit of it all; performing Baby Shark outside a house with a shark in its roof, re-creating a scene from Titanic on the ferry and generally being ready to look silly for a seriously good cause.

“The Foundation trustees will meet before the end of the year to decide how the money raised will be distributed – we want to make sure it has maximum impact.”